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Let the students ask questions

Katie Lutton is currently a PhD student in chemical engineering at the University of Virginia. She has been working on the hydrogen embrittlement of stainless steels in marine environments. She plans on continuing in Materials Science for a Ph.D. after graduating in May.

Rohit Ramanathan is a second year Ph.D. student in the Voorhees Research Group at Northwestern University. His research is focused on developing mean field models for simulating the nucleation and growth of oxide islands during the initial stages of the oxidation of Ni and NiCr alloys.

Quentin Sherman is a fourth year MatSci PhD student at Northwestern University working in the Voorhees Research Group. His research focuses on developing multi-scale phase field models of oxide growth that can predict the complex morphological evolution of mesoscale oxide films. In the past he has studied the morphological evolution of catalytic nanoparticles in solid oxide fuel cells.

Mathew Taylor works in the Perepezko group synthesizing the alloys used across the MURI program and studying the early stages of oxidation.

Evan Zeitchick is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the Materials Science and Engineering department. His research is focused on understanding the initial stages of high-temperature oxidation of Nickel-based alloys (Ni-Cr-Al systems). Evan received his bachelors degree from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College where his research interests included the mechanical properties of spinodal alloys and the characterization of magnetic iron nano-particles.