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Bill Vaughan

Kyoungdoc Kim

Kyoungdoc Kim Dr. Kyoungdoc Kim is a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Peter W. Voorhees group at Northwestern University. Currently, Kyoungdoc’s research has focused on understanding the early stages of oxidation and corrosion of metal alloys.

Michael Waters

Michael Waters Dr. Michael J. Waters is a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. James Rondinelli in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University. His research focuses on developing and employing state of the art techniques in computational materials science with a focus on optical properties, transition states, and excited states.

Xiaoxiang Yu

Xiaoxiang (Shawn) Yu Dr. Xiaoxiang Yu (Shawn) is a postdoctoral research associate in the department of Materials Science Engineering at Northwestern University. His research interests are micro structural characterization: scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and three-dimensional atom probe tomography (3D APT) Computational material science: density-functional theory (DFT), molecular dynamics simulation (MD), Monte Carlo method (MC), multi-scale modeling and crystal structure prediction.

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