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The Hitachi UHV-H9000 High-Resolution Electron Microscope is the first conventional transmission instrument to achieve routine operation at mid-10-11 torr. Sample contamination is minimal, which is especially crucial in surface studies.

This custom-made microscope is equipped with a Gatan Parallel EELS and CCD Camera, both interfaced to computers. Routinely the instrument will attain resolutions of ~0.18nm for bulk spacings and ~0.25nm for the atomic-scale structure determination in surfaces.

Moreover, the UHV-H9000 is interfaced to the unique SPEAR system, which allows for preparation, treatment and characterization of samples in UHV without ever having to expose them to air.

Some Examples of Results under UHV conditions


High-Resolution Micrograph
of hexagonal BN.
Individual Ag particles
on Si(100) Surface


Phase Map of
Ag on Si(100) Surface
High-Resolution Micrograph of
Si(111) 5x2 Au Reconstruction
Nanoarches of
hexagonal BN
Diffraction Pattern of
Ge(111)-4x4 Ag Reconstruction
Diffraction Pattern of Ag
on Si(100) Surface



Diffraction Pattern of
Si(111) 5x2 Au Reconstrution