"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate Theses


Flexoelectricity in Polycrystalline SrTiO3 Ceramics
Binghao (Evan) Guo | Abstract | PDF


Defect-induced Behavior in Complex Oxides
Seyoung Cook | Abstract | PDF

Understanding Atomic Structure and Structural Evolution of Perovskite Oxides at the 2-D Limit: From Surface to Thin Film
Tassie Andersen | Abstract | PDF

Synthesis, Shape, and Surfaces of Strontium and Barium Titanate Nanocrystals
Lawrence Crosby | Abstract | PDF


Oxide Surfaces and Novel Electronic Properties
Pratik Koirala | Abstract | PDF

Shape, Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Growth Mechanisms of Metal and Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Lingxuan (Betty) Peng | Abstract | PDF

Tribology and Corrosion in CoCrMo Alloys and Similar Systems
Emily E. Hoffman | Abstract | PDF


Multiscale Structural and Chemical Investigations of Corrosion in CoCrMo Grain Boundaries
Alex Yu-Wei Lin | Abstract | PDF

Surface Characterization of Lanthanum Aluminate (LaAlO3)
Elizabeth Steele | Abstract | PDF


Atomically-Precise Synthesis of Platinum catalysts on Strontium Titanate using Atomic Layer Deposition
Chuandao Wang | Abstract | PDF

Atomic Surface Structures of Oxide Materials : From Single Crystals to Nanoparticles
Yuyuan Lin | Abstract | PDF


Surface Structures of the Metal-Oxide Materials Strontium Titanate and Lanthanum Aluminate
Danielle Kienzle | Abstract | PDF


Building the Nanoplasmonics Toolbox Through Shape Modeling and Single Particle Optical Studies
Emilie Ringe | Abstract | PDF

Structural and Chemical Investigations of Nanotribology Using In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy and Defect Based Analytical Modeling
Ariel M'ndange-Pfupfu | Abstract | PDF


Surface Stabilization Mechanisms in Metal Oxides
Andres E. Becerra-Toledo | Abstract | PDF

Corrosion Behavior of Solution-Annealed CoCrMo Biomedical Alloy
Pooja Panigrahi | Abstract | PDF

Reconstructions on Strontium Titanate (110) Surfaces at Various Annealing Conditions
Alicia Loon | Abstract | PDF


A Chemical Approach to Understanding Oxide Surface Structure and Reactivity
James A. Enterkin | Abstract | PDF


Crystallographic perturbations to valence charge density and hydrogen-surface interactions
James Ciston | Abstract | PDF


Thermally Activated Self-lubricating Nanostructured Coating for Cutting Tool Applications
Robin Koshy | Abstract | PDF

Nanoscale Properties and Mechanics of Cementitious Materials
Paramita Mondal | Abstract | PDF


Real and Model Oxide Surfaces
Courtney Lanier | Abstract | PDF

Tribological Interfaces Studied by an Analytical Dislocation Model and in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
Arno Merkle | Abstract | PDF


Electron Microscopy Studies of Real and Model Oxide Supported Au Catalysts
Yingmin Wang | Abstract | PDF

Model catalytic oxide surfaces: a study of the LaAlO3(001) surface
James Rondinelli | Abstract | PDF


Structure and Thermodynamics of Model Catalytic Oxide Surfaces
Ann Chiaramonti Debay | Abstract | PDF

System Design and Verification of the Precession Electron Diffraction Technique
Christopher Own | Abstract | PDF

Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Surface Phenomena in Polar Oxides
Arun Subramanian | Abstract | PDF


Quasicrystalline Thin Films: Growth, Structure and Interface
Edy Widjaja | Abstract | PDF


Structure, morphology and chemistry of catalytic transition metal oxides.
Natasha Erdman | Abstract | PDF


Nucleation and growth of metastable phases in thin films
Quan Li | Abstract | PDF


Experimental and computational study of surfaces, interfaces and thin films
Erman Bengu | Abstract | PDF

Initial growth of ultrathin metal films on semiconductors
Daniel Grozea | Abstract | PDF

The local variation of the critical current along YBa2Cu3O7-x grainboundary and ramp-edge Josephson junctions
Michael Carmody


Initial stages of thin film deposition : metal-induced surface reconstruction on semiconductors and the nucleation of cubic boron nitride
Christopher Collazo-Davila | Abstract | PDF

Structural and chemical characterization of thin films and crystal surfaces
Eric Landree | Abstract | PDF


Gold induced Si(111) surface reconstructions studied by ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscopy
Richard Plass

Microstructure and composition of magnetic flux pinning defects in high-temperature superconductors
Brad Storey


Morphology transformations in nanoparticles
Dorai Narayanaswamy (Iyer)

Ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscopy studies of semiconductor surfaces
Ganesh Jayaram

The formation, transport properties and microstructure of 45 degree [001] tilt grain boundaries in YBa2Cu307-X thin films
Boris Vuchic


Ultra high vacuum transmission electron microscopy of the clean surfaces of Au and Ir (001)
Derren Dunn

Electron-induced surface radiation damage in V2O5, ReO3 and CaF2
Rebecca Ai


Atomic structure and sintering behavior of ultrafine ceramic particles
John Bonevich

Electron radiation damage in transition metal oxides
Mary Buckett


Dynamical theory for high energy electron reflection
Yiquan Ma


Phase instabilities in small particles
Pulichek Ajayan


The Structure of Small Silver Particles
L. D. Marks| PDF