"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate Theses


Synthesis and Catalysis Across a Series of Lanthanide Scandates
Emily P. Greenstein | Abstract | PDF


Identifying Support Effects in Nanoparticle Catalysis
Zachary R. Mansley | Abstract | PDF

Growth Behavior and Kinetics of Hydrothermal Crystal Growth in Potassium Tantalate Niobate Particles
Tiffany Ly | Abstract | PDF

Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Flexoelectricity
Christopher Mizzi | Abstract | PDF


Nanoscale Corrosion and Tribology Mechanisms in CoCrMo Alloys and Associated Systems
Alex (Yu-Wei) Lin | Abstract | PDF

Lanthanide Scandate Supported Noble Metal Nanoparticle Catalysts
Ryan Paull | Abstract | PDF


Flexoelectricity in Polycrystalline SrTiO3 Ceramics
Binghao (Evan) Guo | Abstract | PDF

Improvement of the MSR1a algorithm in the WIEN2k code
Théo Guerber | PDF
Jointly supervised by L. D. Marks and X. Rocquefelte


Defect-induced Behavior in Complex Oxides
Seyoung Cook | Abstract | PDF

Understanding Atomic Structure and Structural Evolution of Perovskite Oxides at the 2-D Limit: From Surface to Thin Film
Tassie Andersen | Abstract | PDF

Synthesis, Shape, and Surfaces of Strontium and Barium Titanate Nanocrystals
Lawrence Crosby | Abstract | PDF


Oxide Surfaces and Novel Electronic Properties
Pratik Koirala | Abstract | PDF

Shape, Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Growth Mechanisms of Metal and Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Lingxuan (Betty) Peng | Abstract | PDF

Tribology and Corrosion in CoCrMo Alloys and Similar Systems
Emily E. Hoffman | Abstract | PDF


Multiscale Structural and Chemical Investigations of Corrosion in CoCrMo Grain Boundaries
Alex (Yu-Wei) Lin | Abstract | PDF

Surface Characterization of Lanthanum Aluminate (LaAlO3)
Elizabeth Steele | Abstract | PDF


Atomically-Precise Synthesis of Platinum catalysts on Strontium Titanate using Atomic Layer Deposition
Chuandao Wang | Abstract | PDF

Atomic Surface Structures of Oxide Materials : From Single Crystals to Nanoparticles
Yuyuan Lin | Abstract | PDF


Surface Structures of the Metal-Oxide Materials Strontium Titanate and Lanthanum Aluminate
Danielle Kienzle | Abstract | PDF


Building the Nanoplasmonics Toolbox Through Shape Modeling and Single Particle Optical Studies
Emilie Ringe | Abstract | PDF

Structural and Chemical Investigations of Nanotribology Using In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy and Defect Based Analytical Modeling
Ariel M'ndange-Pfupfu | Abstract | PDF


New Insights in Interfaces and Hard Phases of CoCrMo Alloys
Priska Stemmer | PDF

Surface Stabilization Mechanisms in Metal Oxides
Andres E. Becerra-Toledo | Abstract | PDF

Corrosion Behavior of Solution-Annealed CoCrMo Biomedical Alloy
Pooja Panigrahi | Abstract | PDF

Reconstructions on Strontium Titanate (110) Surfaces at Various Annealing Conditions
Alicia Loon | Abstract | PDF


A Chemical Approach to Understanding Oxide Surface Structure and Reactivity
James A. Enterkin | Abstract | PDF


Crystallographic perturbations to valence charge density and hydrogen-surface interactions
James Ciston | Abstract | PDF


Thermally Activated Self-lubricating Nanostructured Coating for Cutting Tool Applications
Robin Koshy | Abstract | PDF

Nanoscale Properties and Mechanics of Cementitious Materials
Paramita Mondal | Abstract | PDF


Real and Model Oxide Surfaces
Courtney Lanier | Abstract | PDF

Tribological Interfaces Studied by an Analytical Dislocation Model and in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy
Arno Merkle | Abstract | PDF


Electron Microscopy Studies of Real and Model Oxide Supported Au Catalysts
Yingmin Wang | Abstract | PDF

Model catalytic oxide surfaces: a study of the LaAlO3(001) surface
James Rondinelli | Abstract | PDF


Structure and Thermodynamics of Model Catalytic Oxide Surfaces
Ann Chiaramonti Debay | Abstract | PDF

System Design and Verification of the Precession Electron Diffraction Technique
Christopher Own | Abstract | PDF

Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Surface Phenomena in Polar Oxides
Arun Subramanian | Abstract | PDF


Quasicrystalline Thin Films: Growth, Structure and Interface
Edy Widjaja | Abstract | PDF


Structure, morphology and chemistry of catalytic transition metal oxides.
Natasha Erdman | Abstract | PDF


Nucleation and growth of metastable phases in thin films
Quan Li | Abstract | PDF


Experimental and computational study of surfaces, interfaces and thin films
Erman Bengu | Abstract | PDF

Initial growth of ultrathin metal films on semiconductors
Daniel Grozea | Abstract | PDF

The local variation of the critical current along YBa2Cu3O7-x grainboundary and ramp-edge Josephson junctions
Michael Carmody | PDF


Initial stages of thin film deposition : metal-induced surface reconstruction on semiconductors and the nucleation of cubic boron nitride
Christopher Collazo-Davila | Abstract | PDF

Structural and chemical characterization of thin films and crystal surfaces
Eric Landree | Abstract | PDF


Gold induced Si(111) surface reconstructions studied by ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscopy
Richard Plass | PDF

Microstructure and composition of magnetic flux pinning defects in high-temperature superconductors
Brad Storey | PDF


Morphology transformations in nanoparticles
Dorai Narayanaswamy (Iyer) | PDF

Ultrahigh vacuum transmission electron microscopy studies of semiconductor surfaces
Ganesh Jayaram | PDF

The formation, transport properties and microstructure of 45 degree [001] tilt grain boundaries in YBa2Cu307-X thin films
Boris Vuchic | PDF


Ultra high vacuum transmission electron microscopy of the clean surfaces of Au and Ir (001)
Derren Dunn | PDF

Electron-induced surface radiation damage in V2O5, ReO3 and CaF2
Rebecca Ai | PDF


Atomic structure and sintering behavior of ultrafine ceramic particles
John Bonevich | PDF

Electron radiation damage in transition metal oxides
Mary Buckett | PDF


Dynamical theory for high energy electron reflection
Yiquan Ma | PDF


Phase instabilities in small particles
Pulichek Ajayan | PDF


The Structure of Small Silver Particles
L. D. Marks| PDF