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Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau




  1. Effects of Grain Boundary Misorientation and Chromium Segregation on Corrosion of CoCrMo Alloys
    A. Lin, E. E. Hoffman, and L. D. Marks
    Corrosion 73 (2017) 256-267.

  2. Direct Synthesis of Low-Coordinate Pd Catalysts Supported on SiO2 via Surface Organometallic Chemistry
    S. Liu, J. M. Tan, A. Gulec, N. M. Schweitzer, M. Delferro, L. D. Marks, P. C. Stair, and T. J. Marks
    ACS Catalysis 6 (2016) 8380-8388

  3. Direct observation of incommensurate structure in Mo3Si
    A. Gulec, X. Yu, M. Taylor, J. H. Perepezko, and L. D. Marks
    Acta Crystallographica A 72 (2016) 660-666

  4. Soft Interface Fracture Transfer in Nanoscale MoS2
    E. E. Hoffman and L. D. Marks
    Tribology Letters (2016) 64:16

  5. Redox and phase behavior of Pd-substituted (La,Sr)CrO3 perovskites solid oxide fuel cell anodes
    V. Y. Zenou, D. E. Fowler, R. Gautier, S. A. Barnett, K. R. Poeppelmeier, and L. D. Marks
    Solid State Ionics 296 (2016) 90-105

  6. Grain Boundary Assisted Crevice Corrosion in CoCrMo Alloys
    E. E. Hoffman, A. Lin, Y. Liao, and L. D. Marks
    Corrosion 72 (2016) 1445-1461

  7. Complex surface structure of (110) terminated strontium titanate nanododecahedra
    L. A. Crosby, R. M. Kennedy, B.-R. Chen, J. Wen, K. R. Poeppelmeier, M. J. Bedzyk, and L. D. Marks
    Nanoscale, 8 (2016) 16606-16611

  8. When does atomic resolution plan view imaging of surfaces work?
    P. Koirala, Y. Lin, J. Ciston and L. D. Marks
    Ultramicroscopy 170 (2016) 35-42

  9. Graphitic Carbon Films Across Systems
    E. E. Hoffman and L. D. Marks
    Tribology Letters 63 (2016) 32

  10. Highly Efficient Activation, Regeneration, and Active Site Identification of Oxide-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalysts
    K. Ding, A. Gulec, A. M. Johnson, T. L. Drake, W. Wu, Y. Lin, E. Weitz, L. D. Marks, and P. C. Stair
    ACS Catalysis 6 (2016) 5740-5746

  11. Compositional Inhomogeneity and Corner Enrichment of Pt in Pt/Pd Bimetallic Nanoparticles
    L. Peng, R. P. Van Duyne, and L. D. Marks
    J Phys Chem C 120 (2016) 21069-21075

  12. Morphology and oxidation state of ALD-grown Pd nanoparticles on TiO2- and SrO-terminated SrTiO3 nanocuboids
    B.-R. Chen, C. George, Y. Lin, L. Hu, L. Crosby, X. Hu, P. C. Stair, L. D. Marks, K. R. Poeppelmeier, R. P. Van Duyne, and M. J. Bedzyk
    Surface Science 648 (2016) 291-298

  13. Transition from Reconstruction toward Thin Film on the (110) Surface of Strontium Titanate
    Z. Wang, A. Loon, A. Subramanian, S. Gerhold, E. McDermott, J. A. Enterkin, M. Hieckel, B. C. Russell, R. J. Green, A. Moewes, J. Guo, M. R. Castell, U. Diebold, and L. D. Marks
    Nano Lett. 16 (2016) 2407-2412

  14. Nanoparticle shape, thermodynamics and kinetics
    L. D. Marks and L. Peng
    Jounal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (2016), 053001

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