"Brahms believed that there was no need to publish everything that Schubert ever wrote."
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau




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    J. Ciston, B. Deng, C. S. Own, W. Sinkler, and L. D. Marks
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  2. Robust mixing for ab initio quantum mechanical calculations
    L.D. Marks and D.R. Luke
    Physical Review B (2008) 78(7), 075114-12
    PDF (A gentler preprint)

  3. Nanoscale characterization of cementitious materials
    P. Mondal, S.R. Shah, and L.D. Marks
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  4. Structure and Thermodynamics of the c(2x2) reconstruction of TiO2(100)
    O. Warchkow, Y.M. Wang, A. Subramanian, M. Asta, and L.D. Marks
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  5. Models for quasicrystal-crystal epitaxy
    E.J. Widjaja and L.D. Marks
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    J. Ciston, C.S. Own, and L.D. Marks
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  7. Time, temperature, and oxygen partial pressure-dependent surface reconstructions on SrTiO3 (111): A systematic study of oxygen-rich conditions
    A.N. Chiaramonti, C.H. Lanier, L.D. Marks, and P.C. Stair
    Surface Science 602 (2008) 3018-3025

  8. Probing the structure of single-molecule surface-enhanced Raman scattering hot spots
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  9. Force calculation for orbital-dependent potentials with FP-(L)APW + lo basis sets
    F. Tran, J. Kunes, P. Novak, P. Blaha, L.D. Marks, and K. Schwarz
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  10. Analysis of defects on BN nano-structures using high-resolution electron microscopy and density-functional calculations
    E. Bengu, L.D. Marks, R.V. Ovali, and O. Gulseren
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    L.D. Marks, O. Warren, A. Minor, and A. Merkle
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  12. Liquid-like tribology of gold studied by in situ TEM
    A.P. Merkle and L.D. Marks
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